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Those watching the Tuesday, February 14, episode of General Hospital were introduced to a new face when Sam and Dante located Esme’s childhood nanny Maggie Fitzgerald in Devon, England, even though they didn’t realize the pub owner was the woman they were looking for — because she lied. However, we know the truth and that is that the role is being played by actress Heather Olt, who first appeared on Valentine’s Day.

Maggie owns a pub GH

Sam and Dante came up with the idea to locate Maggie after Sam talked to Esme at Spring Ridge. Though Esme claimed not to know who Maggie was, due to her amnesia, Sam vowed to find the woman from her past. And when Heather spotted them together, she questioned Sam, who revealed that Maggie held very important information about Esme — she knew who her father was — which was the reason they needed to find her.

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And upon their arrival at the pub in England, they questioned the owner about Maggie, who appeared stunned at the sound of Esme’s name — and the fact that she was in trouble. She kept quiet about her knowledge of the real “Maggie” but Sam and Dante could tell she was hiding something — that’s when it was revealed that the woman was in fact the one they were searching for. Though she didn’t admit it to Sam and Dante, the waitress privately looked at some old letters from Esme and recalled warning the girl not to go in search of her father.

Unlike most of the residents in Port Charles, except two, viewers already know that Heather is Esme’s mother and Ryan is her father, but could Maggie hold another secret that could change things up once again?

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