GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos and Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Tait. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

General Hospital viewers have been cooing over Michael and Willow’s absolutely adorable baby since she gave birth on Tuesday, January 31. And though their daughter, who they named Amelia Grace, looks a bit older than the storyline’s preemie, it’s safe to say we can all look past that — just for the cute factor alone!

So, who’s playing the sweet little one? That would be twins Nathan and Owen Ford. Soap operas often use babies — and twins — of the opposite sex in these young roles and rarely will you see a newborn baby cast. Another thing that often happens is… through the course of a storyline, depending on how frequently they appear on screen, babies are recast numerous times, which is understandable, as is the use of twins, since little ones need more breaks than older children.

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Back to the storyline… Willow opted to have her baby delivered early after Nina proved not to be a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant. Though Willow was told that they could harvest stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta, in Wednesday’s February 8, episode, Austin appeared to have a grim look on his face after she asked him for an update surrounding the procedure — and today, the doctor will have news to deliver to the couple. Whether it’ll be good or bad, you’ll have to watch right along with us.

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