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We’ve known for some time that Nikolas was on his way out of Port Charles and the lives of everyone on General Hospital, but what we didn’t know was how or why he would be leaving! Would he kidnap Esme and run off to raise her child, much like he was raised after Laura’s own kidnapping? Was he going to be spirited away and locked up by Uncle Victor for meddling in the grand scheme?

Well, on Tuesday, February 7, we got our answer after Ava bashed Nikolas over the head with a statue… and it looks like she killed him! Nikolas has been getting more and more extreme lately and once he threatened to kidnap Avery and run off with her, it seems Ava finally had enough. You do not want to mess with a murderous member of the Jerome family, especially when she’s a mother as fiercely protective as Ava is!

Nikolas threatens to take Avery GH

Nikolas, of all people, should have known that threats are never a good idea when it comes to Ava.

Credit: ABC screenshot

And now, it appears he’s dead and Austin is going to help Ava hide that fact from the rest of the world. It looks to be a far more final ending than many folks had hoped for, especially with how well-received Adam Huss was among fans after taking over from Marcus Coloma to film Nikolas’ final scenes.

Still, this is Port Charles and death is more often than not a temporary condition, so we can never say never to seeing Nikolas back on our screens someday.

Before leaving, Huss took to Instagram to let the fans know just what General Hospital has meant to him, from the fan response to working with folks like Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s Spencer and Genie Francis’ Laura. “I relished every moment of these scenes… Every one of my scene partners there are the best of the best.”

Check out his full message here. 

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