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General Hospital viewers are going to see a familiar face on the canvas when Gabriel Sky returns to the ABC soap for a third time — in yet another new role. Sky, who happens to be the real-life brother of Jophielle Love (Violet), will turn up once again, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

The young actor first appeared in 2019 as a student in Willow’s class during the school’s award ceremony and later returned that same year for the soap’s special “A Christmas Carol” episode as a hospital patient/beggar child, alongside his real-life sister. So, what brings him back into the realm this time?

a christmas carol gh

As we all know, Valentin and Anna are on the hunt to locate Lucy and recently made a pit stop in the Netherlands during their journey. There, they meet with Anna’s former colleague, Andrew Maddox, seeking information due to his old interactions with Victor and Helena regarding his memory mapping work. Andrew then pointed them in the direction to Paris, France, where in the past he had to deliver personal updates to Victor. However, given that he’d been blindfolded each time, he was only able to direct them to a side street off of the main boulevard.

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Viewers can look forward to seeing Sky as a French boy who will interact with Anna and Valentin and you never know, he just might be the key to finding the secret location they’re looking for — and in turn, to rescuing Lucy…

Stay tuned!

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