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Great news, General Hospital fans, because the show’s announced that Jane Elliot will be reprising her role as the legendary Tracy Quartermaine in April! Though we haven’t been given an exact date just yet, her return comes, perhaps unsurprisingly, just as ABC’s daytime juggernaut celebrates its 60th anniversary on April 1.

And that, dear viewers, opens up a whole exciting array of possibilities over why she’s returning. For one thing, it’s been just over a year since Tracy last popped up in Port Charles bearing the tragic news that Luke had been killed. She stuck around for a while as his friends and family came to grips with the news and said goodbye, and even got mixed up in some trouble of her own.

It seems like this return, though, could be just in time for something downright incredible. For one thing, Luke’s offscreen death has never really sat well with fans. Supposedly he was getting too close to the truth about Victor’s plan (something we’re still trying to do) and had to die for it. But to kill off the Luke Spencer in a cable car accident? As if. He’d survived too much to go out like that.

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And Geary was too integral a show to have his character just bumped off on the other side of the world. If they’d truly wanted to kill Luke, then it would be borderline criminal not to bring his portrayer back to do it properly. After all, Geary may have retired, but he did come back for a cameo appearance to usher Tracy off the canvas when Elliot also retired.

Bringing Tracy and Luke back for the show’s 60th anniversary would be monumental — even if it were to give him a proper death, going out in a heroic blaze of glory. Or, heck, maybe the two will ride off into the sunset once again, having foiled Victor’s master plan once and for all.

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