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Credit: ABC

Those watching today’s Wednesday, January 4, episode of General Hospital were likely left in tears as they witnessed the end of The Britch — literally. Though it was announced back in August that Kelly Thiebaud would be leaving the ABC soap, and was going to return to Station 19, we could never have imagined that the character would be gone for good.

Nonetheless, Britt died in her mother’s arms on The Haunted Star following a tangle with the Hook Killer, who turned out to be Heather Webber. We should have known the character’s departure was going to be a permanent one, given the big sendoff the soap put on for Britt’s birthday bash. And though she wanted nothing more than to set out alone, and die in peace, without putting her family and friends through the pain of watching her slow death from Huntington’s disease, Britt’s plans changed when she caught a glimpse of the Hook Killer in action once again.

BRitt fights the hook off GH

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While waiting for her boat to arrive, Britt saw the Hook go after Joss and intervened just in time to save Carly’s daughter. And in turn, Dex appeared just in time to save Britt by shooting the killer, who ran away into the shadows. However, Britt hadn’t walked away unscratched and had been scratched by the poisonous hook and in the end, died in Obrecht’s arms on The Haunted Star.

Obrecht holds Britt GH

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Britt is surely going to be missed but we wish the actress the very best in all that the future holds for her. And though Britt’s death wasn’t how we wanted to ring in the new year in Port Charles, fans will never forget the mark Thiebaud’s character left on the show.

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