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Well, the hook hooked again and though Joss was able to get away, thanks to Britt, who was then able to get away thanks to Dex, Heather, who was revealed to be behind the mask, managed to scratch Britt with the poison-tipped hook. Whoa, talk about a drama-filled mouthful!

Those watching the Tuesday, January 3, episode of General Hospital noticed a new face on the canvas, Port Charles PD’s new detective Bennett. And if the actor looked familiar to you, you’re not the only one who recognized Kendrick Cross from his role on Ambitions as Titus Hughes. Amid his ABC soap debut, which, by the way, was also his first in daytime, the actor posted a video on Instagram to talk about his role.

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“Whelp I guess the news is out!” Cross shared with excitement. “Might as well let you know that your boy is on General Hospital. Been holding on to this secret for weeks.”

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He then gave a shoutout to his management team at Entertainment Lab for seeing “the vision” and hopping “right on board” then teased that new episodes will be “coming soon!”

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There is no word on how long Cross’ character will be sticking around but with Rory now gone, having met his fate at the tip of the hook, the Port Charles PD can use all of the help it can get in order to track down the town’s latest serial killer. However, viewers were the only ones privy to the fact that Heather has been the one going around town slashing those who appear to have wronged her daughter Esme, so clearly there is still a lot of work to be done in order to reveal her deadly secret.

While we wait to see how the next few weeks play out, look back on some others who recently appeared on General Hospital.