Anthony Montgomery, Finola Hughes
"General Hospital" Set
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Episode # 13839
U.S. Airdate 06/30/17
Credit: Chris D/JPI

Reason No. 21,853 why we love General Hospital would have to be that, more than any other soap, it always keeps us guessing. Maybe that’s reason No. 21, 854; we lose count. The point is, the December 28 episode of ABC’s one and only daytime drama threw at us another curveball, one that returned to the screen Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox.

“It was good to have you back for a spell,” Instagrammed Finola Hughes, whose Anna needed to pick old flame Andre’s brain about his dealings with the Cassadines back in the day. Her hope was that the information that she gleaned would help her and Valentin find Lucy and prove that Anna hadn’t shot her. As if! (Read the full recap here.)


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Montgomery was a General Hospital regular from 2015-19. Introduced as a shrink taking over Anna’s case from Kevin — back then, she was grieving Duke’s death and struggling with her apparent murder of his killer — Andre romanced Jordan and then his own patient but was ultimately revealed to be more than met the eye. How much more? He turned out to have been key to the messy memory swap that scrambled the brains of brothers Jason and Drew, that much more!

Since going off contract with the soap, Montgomery has appeared in several movies and guest-starred on series ranging from Magnum P.I. to B Positive. Review all of the latest returns to General Hospital in our newly updated photo gallery.