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On Friday, December 23, fans are going to get a treat when Emily Wilson returns to General Hospital as Ellie Trout, Spinelli’s former love. The ABC soap’s next-day preview teased the character’s return to Port Charles, where she will confront Spinelli and ask if he’s falling for Maxie all over again.

The last time we saw Ellie on the scene was back in January 2016 when she and Spinelli noticed that Jason and Sam were reconnecting again at The Floating Rib. After they got Sam alone, they cornered her to ask about the romantic spark they witnessed between her and Jason. However, Sam blew it off, claiming that things were more complicated than they knew but neither Spinelli nor Ellie believed her.

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However, this time around, it appears that Ellie will be cornering her former beau and if fans recall, she always felt like second best to Maxie when it came to Spinelli, so it won’t be a surprise if she once again questions where his true feelings lie.

And for those who don’t remember the history between the three, Ellie had been with Spinelli when she learned that Maxie had been pregnant with his child. Maxie had agreed to be Lulu’s surrogate but miscarried the baby and later became pregnant again after a New Year’s Eve romp with Spinelli.

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Through all of the drama, Maxie gave birth to Georgie and when Spinelli found out that Ellie had kept the secret from him, he was furious. He then decided to fight for custody of the baby and in the end, forgave Ellie and they started a new life together with Georgie in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t until Maxie regained visitation rights that Ellie noticed, while observing Spinelli and Maxie with their daughter, that he still loved her and ended things for good.

We look forward to seeing Wilson back in daytime and invite fans to reminisce over the other stars who have returned this year.