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Well, it looks like Emma Samms is out at General Hospital as Holly’s time in Port Charles comes to a close! The show left us with a cliffhanger after their Tuesday, November 29 episode with Holly seemingly going up in flames. (No, that wasn’t Emma Samms on fire, but someone else you should meet!)

The good news, we learned in the following episode, is that thanks to some fireproof garments, she survived! The bad news? She’s leaving town anyway.

It turns out, Felicia and Robert helped her stage the whole thing. This way, they could send Holly off to a burn clinic halfway around the world and get her away from Victor.

On today’s Wednesday, November 30 episode, Felicia gave her a passport out of the country and Holly and Robert said their emotional goodbyes while acknowledging that this just wasn’t their time. Again.

All that was left was for Holly to give Robert the necklace, blow him a kiss and ride off into the sunset!

Holly and the diamonds GH

Is this really the last of Holly? For now, it seems to be!

Just a few days back, Samms wrote a piece for Great British Life in which she says, “I will have filmed at least 16 episodes by the time I finish.” And it looks like we just about bumped up against that number.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Holly won’t be back! For one thing, Ethan’s still out there and we’re guessing she’s not going to just sit around waiting for him to magically be released. It would be great to see mother and son return to Port Charles.

Plus, Victor needs to be taken down, and after all the pain and trouble he’s caused Holly in the past few years it would be a darn shame to not have her come back for that!

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