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Credit: ABC screenshot

We might be seeing Rocco Falconeri back in the mix very soon on General Hospital… Finn Carr, who took over the role from Brady Bauer back in July, posted an Instagram story on Monday, November 28, with a shot from inside a studio with the picture captioned, “And we’re back!” Now, the young actor wasn’t clear whether or not the pic was taken from inside the ABC Studios but considering he was last seen in September and with the holidays around the corner, well, there’s a very good chance that’s exactly where he was filming new scenes.

But wait… what if he’s going to return for a whole other reason — or two?

It’s no secret that holidays bring out the romance in people and what if Dante is ready to take the next step and plans to propose to Sam? It’s one thing to move in together but he would definitely want to talk that over with his son, especially given Lulu’s current state, which is something that everyone continues to struggle with.

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And speaking of Lulu… What if the time has finally come when she stirs awake and calls out for Dante and Rocco? If fans recall, the one thing she wanted to let Dante know before she collapsed then fell into a coma in November 2020 was that she still loved him. Could you imagine if she finally woke up? Talk about a Christmas miracle! While this would surely put a damper on Dante and Sam’s future, it would without a doubt be a good reason for Rocco to return.

Just like you fans, we can wish and hope but in the end, we’ll all have to wait to find out what the show has in store for its viewers.

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