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Credit: Valerie Durant via Getty Images

This week we saw a new but familiar face on General Hospital when Adam Huss stepped in once again for Marcus Coloma as Nikolas and many have wondered why Nik’s portrayer had been off screen this time. Coloma posted a video to explain just that…

While dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “The Loneliest Time” (featuring Rufus Wainwright), the video relayed that he had gotten COVID a month ago then displayed a big message from Coloma that read, “I’m coming back for you, baby, next week.” He went on to share, “Thank you all for the lovely love.”

So, that means he’ll be back in the ABC soap role beginning the week of November 21, and a few of his co-stars couldn’t be happier to have him back. Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who plays Coloma’s onscreen son Spencer, reacted to the video by saying, “I’m convinced that there is no problem in Marcus Coloma’s life that doing a little dance can’t solve,” while Finola Hughes (Anna) sent a big “yay!”

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And though Huss always does a great job filling in, someone else very familiar to the show recently took notice of Coloma’s absence and offered to step in should he need to step away again…

“I’m available if Marcus Coloma needs a day off… just sayin’,” Tyler Christopher, who played the Port Charles role for almost 20 years, stated in an Instagram story.

No matter what craziness Nikolas has been up to as of late, we’re just glad that Coloma is feeling better and will be returning to our screens.

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