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Viewers watching the Monday, November 14, episode of General Hospital noticed that Adam Huss once again stepped in for Marcus Coloma as Nikolas. The casting not only caught the attention of fans, it caused a reaction from one of Nik’s former portrayers…

Tyler Christopher, who created the Port Charles role in 1996, posted an Instagram story in response to the casting report and stated, “I’m available if Marcus Coloma needs a day off… just sayin’.”

One thing is for sure, Christopher has plenty of experience in the role — one he played for nearly 20 years — having last appeared in June 2016. And if you think Nikolas has been up to trouble these past few months, given everything that’s transpired around Esme, the character has engaged in plenty more in the past — in storylines played by Christopher himself…

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And we already know he can deliver emotion when needed with no problem at all, as we’ll never forget those he exhibited during the fateful night when he found Emily strangled to death by the Text Message Killer at the Black & White Ball.

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While Coloma has made the role his own, it would be such a treat for longtime viewers to see Christopher back on the scene for old times’ sake. What do you think? Would you like to see Christopher come back to his old stomping grounds as Nikolas should Coloma need another fill-in in the future?

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