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With all of the drama going on surrounding the Hook Killer and the fact that they are going after those linked to Trina, Josslyn has been on high alert, especially after learning that she had been a previous target — and not Brando. On Friday, November 11, we’re going to see a familiar face appear back in the mix when Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) real-life son Joshua Benard returns to General Hospital as PCU student Adam, as first reported by Soap Operas Digest.

Details surrounding his daytime comeback are slim but viewers can expect to see him cross paths with Josslyn. The last time Adam appeared on the scene in Port Charles was on Friday, June 3, when he apologized to Joss at the Metro Court pool.

Adam is sorry GH

Fans will recall that when he first learned about Joss and Cam’s sex tape, he didn’t treat her all that well. However, after reading their article in the Invader, he felt ashamed for not realizing how horrible it had been for her to have such a private moment played out for everyone to see. He even went on to say how brave Cam and Joss were for publically addressing the issue, which led to her accepting his apology.

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While Adam and Josslyn may have mended some fences, they are far from friends, so we’ll have to wait and see how his latest return will play out. Maybe the Hook Killer will try to finish what he started by going after Joss again… If so, could Adam be the one to save her? Stay tuned!

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