Jeff and Carolyn argue with Liz GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

After all the time we waited to see if Liz’s mom would surface on General Hospital, she did. Well, to be fair, the only reason she did is because Liz headed to California in hopes of getting answers about her past from her parents’ house. In any case, Denise Crosby’s time was short lived — and we’ve seen the last of Carolyn Webber, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

Crosby debuted in the role on Monday, October 31, when Liz came face to face with her parents after she had broken into their house in Monterey. She was looking for answers from their time on the Mariana Islands and why she kept having memory flashes of a woman, who turned out to be Finn’s dead wife Reiko. When she demanded to know who Reiko was to them, her father Jeff admitted he’d had an affair with the doctor, who was married to Finn at the time.

Jeff and Caroline shocked GH

Not only was Liz shocked by that piece of info, she couldn’t believe that her mother had known about the affair. However, it was the next bit of intel that really pushed Liz over the edge… In questioning them as to how Reiko ended up at the bottom of the stairs, Jeff claimed he pushed her — but Carolyn refused to keep secrets any longer and believed it was time that Liz knew the truth… that Liz had pushed Reiko, who had died after contracting a disease from the blood transfusion following the traumatic brain injury.

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Now that Liz knows the truth, there’s no telling how this will play out… Will she tell Finn all of the sordid details or will she keep them to herself and risk falling further into her own mental despair?

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