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Those watching the Thursday, November 3, episode of General Hospital got their first look at the woman who was set to sing with Chase. Actress and singer Jacqueline Grace Lopez has landed the role of Blaze, as reported by Soap Opera Digest — and this isn’t the first time she’s appeared on the ABC soap.

Back in 2015, Lopez landed her first daytime role as a babysitter on the soap and turned up again in the same part in 2016. That year, the actress shared a throwback on her Instagram.

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This time around, Lopez appears to be playing a more substantial part, given Chase’s current storyline, however, there is no word on how long she’ll appear in scenes with Josh Swickard. If you recall, Blaze introduced herself to Chase and Brook Lynn as the artist he was supposed to sing with — a match made in heaven as described by Linc. After Blaze confided in Chase that her name was actually Allison, he expressed to Brook Lynn that he didn’t think Blaze liked Linc and both then worried about what was going on between the singer and the producer.

Chase and Blaze bond GH

So, if Lopez ends up appearing in future scenes, will she be an asset to Chase and Brook Lynn on their quest to destroy Linc or will her presence work against their main goal to bring down the shady record producer for good?

Stay tuned!

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