Liz is annoyed with Finn GH
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We’ll admit it: There were days, weeks, months, even years when we thought we’d never get to write this article. But at long, long last, General Hospital has cast Elizabeth’s parents — or, in the case of her dad, recast!

Falcon Crest veteran William R. Moses has been tapped to replace Richard Dean Anderson as Dr. Jeff Webber, Soap Opera Digest reports, with Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Denise Crosby taking on the role of Liz’s never-before-seen mother, Carolyn. So finally, some light will soon be shed on the life that Rebecca Herbst’s beloved character led before she relocated to Port Charles.

The way they were…

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Jeff, the surprise son of former General Hospital chief-of-staff Steve Hardy, was played by by a pre-MacGyver Anderson from 1976-81. Following the end of the M.D.’s marriages to Monica and an obsessed Heather, Jeff hightailed it out of the country, eventually meeting someone new who’d wind up being the mother of his future daughters, Liz and Sarah (and a whole other someone new who’d wind up being the mother of Hayden).

Richard Dean Anderson on GH

Jeff envisioned a future with Annie Logan that… was never meant to be.

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Fun fact: Though Moses’ only soap credits are in primetime (Falcon Crest, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder), brother Rick was a hot commodity in daytime in 1980, when he played hitman Hutch during the General Hospital storyline that send Luke and Laura in search of the Left-Handed Boy.

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