GENERAL HOSPITAL - Shoot Date: March 20, 1970. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)ROBIN BLAKE;EMILY MCLAUGHLIN
Credit: Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

Almost five decades after her last General Hospital appearance as a regular cast member, Robin Blake returned to the show in the September 30 episode as a Metro Court patron. Long- — and we do mean long– — -time fans of ABC’s lone remaining daytime drama will recall that from 1964-76, she played Judy Clampett, who went from student nurse to full-fledged R.N. and became friends Tracy Adams, the hospital’s first Black doctor.

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“Nearly 60 years later, and Robin is still happy to visit Port Charles,” cheered the official General Hospital Instagram account. “You might have caught a glimpse of her today in the Metro Court. Help us give a true General Hospital legend a round of applause!” (Needless to say, viewers went ahead and did exactly that.)

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In addition to her lengthy stay in Port Charles, Blake has strolled through series ranging from Dynasty to Cheers and from Falcon Crest to 24 as various party guests and bar/restaurant customers. She also appeared in the 1981 Burt Reynolds movie Paternity as — but of course! — a nurse. (Pictured with Blake in the photo at the top of this post is the late, great Emily McLaughlin, another original cast member; she played Nurse Jessie Brewer, as you well know.)

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