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Johnny Wactor’s time at General Hospital has come to an end. Those tuning in to today’s Tuesday, September 20, episode of the ABC soap watched as Sasha was informed that Brando had died…

It appeared things had taken a turn for the good when Brando awoke to find his wife at his bedside in yesterday’s episode. However, it wasn’t until he began coughing up blood and started to seize shortly after that everything went south. Though Portia acknowledged that he had been in good health prior to the stabbing, she later explained that it seemed as though something had been attacking him from the inside then informed Sasha that he didn’t make it, due to unforeseen complications. Adding to the devastation, she also relayed that unfortunately they may never know what happened. Portia then shared her suspicions with Finn, claiming that Brando’s symptoms didn’t check with his injuries — and something more sinister could have been in play to cause his death. Tests later proved that Brando had been poisoned by the tainted hook.

BRando wakes up GH

Wactor first appeared in the role back in 2020 and fans will recall that last week, on Tuesday, September 13, he was slashed by the hook killer. Brando had watched Joss take off after Dex from Charlie’s and decided to tail them — and it was no secret that Brando didn’t trust Dex… Once outside, in the pouring rain, Dex was nowhere to be found but someone in a raincoat had been following Joss and when the person noticed Brando, it wasn’t long before they raised the hook and sliced into him.

Brando attacked on GH

Brando tried his hardest to fight the killer off but it ended up being Kristina’s sudden presence that scared them away. Kristina’s screaming then got the attention of Sonny, who appeared next and was followed by Gladys and Sasha, who begged her husband to fight for his life.

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In the end, nothing could save him and now Port Charles is left to mourn one of their own…

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