dante sam GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Dominic Zamprogna as Dante Falconeri and Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall.(ABC/Craig Sjodin)
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They grow up so quickly… especially on soaps! Viewers watching the September 14 episode did a double-take when a little girl ran into the arms of General Hospital‘s Drew in the opening moments and called him daddy.

“Wait?” asked the twitterverse in unison, “Is that Scout?”

And it most certainly was! The Wednesday outing saw the debut of Cosette Abinante in the part of Sam and Drew’s daughter. The part was most recently played by Ella Ramacieri, who stepped into the part back in 2019.

Of course, despite being too young for the type of soapy drama in which slightly older characters like Joss, Michael and Trina, find themselves embroiled, that doesn’t mean Scout couldn’t soon be caught up in something juicy. After all, Scout is very attached to her handsome dad, Drew… who may not be completely over Sam… who just moved in with Dante… whose former wife, Lulu, could wake up from a coma at any moment.

Although Sam told Drew that she’s happy with her new romantic situation, Scout couldn’t help but wonder about the hug they shared. And heaven knows that there’s a whole lot of untapped potential in Sam and Drew, especially for viewers who still feel as if their relationship was given the short-shrift when Jason rose from the dead to reclaim his wife back in 2017.

Could Scout find herself finding ways to bring her mom and dad together in the hope of sparking a romantic reunion? (Heaven knows much older folks have given it a try. Look at the way Bold & Beautiful‘s Thomas and Steffy are still trying to push Ridge and Taylor back together, despite decades of his having hurt her!)

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Of course, any Sam/Drew reunion might have to wait a bit, as the show seems more interested in pairing the hunk with Carly.  Although Drew promised he would take Scout to her first day of school the following day, more than a few viewers scoffed that those plans would no doubt be scuttled if his favorite blonde found herself in need.

Drew and Carly get closer GH

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