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Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Well, it looks like General Hospital may be turning into a long-awaited sequel to the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise because the hook attacker who tried to kill Ava is back — and looking to up the body count!

Today, the would-be serial killer almost claimed their next victim when they attacked Josslyn… only for Brando to get in the way! Joss is, thankfully, fine, but what does this mean for Brando and his portrayer, Johnny Wactor?

According to spoilers, Jordan and Dante are called to a crime scene that we’re hoping doesn’t turn into a murder scene, but it looks like we may not hear much until later in the week when TJ updates us on a mysterious patient. That could very well be Brando, hanging on for dear life!

Now just the day before the hooking, a fan responded to a tweet from Wactor begging him not to leave the show. Rumors have been cropping up here and there that he’s on the way out, but the actor replied to the pleading by writing, “They’ll have to drag me off GH!!!”

Now that certainly sounds like Wactor’s not going anywhere, but there is always the chance that Brando’s dragged off… in a body bag!

That would put an end his and Sasha’s saga in tragic fashion, but at the same time, it would certainly up the stakes a bit with this mysterious attacker. And it could kick start a murder mystery just in time for the fall!

For now, though, we’re just going to wait and see and hope against hope that by Thursday we’ll find out the good news from TJ that Brando is, indeed, going to pull through!

As we wait to hear how Brando fares, see if we’ve figured out who the hooker is here and catch up with all of General Hospital‘s exits with our photo gallery scorecard of who’s leaving and who’s left Port Charles!