Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, ABC

These days, General Hospital‘s Michael and Willow have an awful lot to deal with. When he’s not slamming the door in his father’s face and plotting to bring him down, she’s dealing with the ramifications of her recent leukemia diagnosis and debating whether or not to share it with her spouse.

That might explain why Willow won’t even notice when her husband suddenly looks and sounds completely different. No, no, Michael hasn’t been replaced by an evil twin or mask-wearing villain. But Robert Adamson — best known to soap fans as Young & Restless‘ former Noah — will step into the casual businesswear favored by Chad Duell’s Michael for a couple days this week.

No word on what’s behind the switch, but regular viewers will know this isn’t the first time it’s happened in recent months. Back in early June, Duell thanked his fellow actor for stepping in for a few episodes, explaining at the time that it was “covid related” but adding he’d be back filming the following week.

Sure enough, although Adamson appeared in several episodes, Duell soon was back on screen to butt heads with his TV-dad and stand by his TV-wife. But now Soap Opera Digest reports that that Adamson will once again step in for a few episodes, adding that the first of them will air the week of August 29. No word, as of yet, what might be responsible for the latest switcheroo.

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Storyline-wise, this could be an important week for Michael and Willow. The latest teasers for the show indicate that on Friday, September 2, they’ll sit down for a talk about a decision which Willow has made. If she does decide to be honest, how will Michael feel about her intention to postpone chemotherapy until her pregnancy is further along? Could Michael wind up having to decide between the health — and possibly even life — of the woman he loves and that of their unborn child? Or might Willow insist his opinion doesn’t really factor in, and that hers is the only one which truly matters in the end?

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