General Hospital included a lot of treats on the menu at the Quartermaines’ picnic to benefit the children’s wing of the titular facility. There was lil’ Leo cooking up a love potion. There was Ava sniping at Nikolas as only she can. There was Sonny wandering from one argument to another. There were Carly and Drew, and Brook Lynn and Chase, participating in the world’s smallest three-legged race. And then there was the moment that fans were really waiting for and had no idea that they’d be getting: the return of Yuri!

Suddenly, a lotta bodies needed guarding.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Yep, on August 23, Cyrus Hobbi reprised his role of the bodyguard that Valentin hired to watch over Brook Lynn back when he believed that he was Bailey’s Lu’s father. After the beefy actor first appeared on the soap in the spring of 2021, he became something of an insta-hit with viewers. And his character hit it off in, ahem, a big way with Monica.

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All that, and he brought a dish? Come on!

Credit: ABC screenshot

Though it seems unlikely that Yuri will be moved to the frontburner of the show’s crowded stove, the audience can’t help but hope that they’ll be seeing more of him. If we can’t be given an open window into his relationship with Monica, perhaps he could catch the eye of Terry, whose romance with Chet ended before it began. Or if General Hospital is going to keep dragging out Chase and Brook Lynn admitting that they’ve fallen for one another, maybe he could date her.

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