Robert Adamson recurs on Stumptown, guest-stars on All Rise
Credit: John Paschal/JPI

General Hospital has another about-face in store for Michael. Young & Restless alum Robert Adamson will be filling in for Chad Duell once again the week of July 4, Soap Opera Digest reports.

When the first of Adamson’s episodes aired in early June, Duell took to social media to explain that the temporary recast as COVID-related. He also gave a big thumbs-up to the pinch hitter who took over for him. “Robert did great,” he said.

Adamson is best known for his 2012-20 stint as Nick and Sharon’s son Noah on Young & Restless. The part was recast in October 2021 with Rory Gibson.

Duell has been playing Michael since 2010, when he replaced Drew Garrett — much to the chagrin of on-screen father Maurice Benard (Sonny). They’re thick as thieves now, but at the time, Benard was ticked that Garrett had been recast.

“I gotta give Chad a lotta credit,” Benard said during an episode of his State of Mind vlog, “because I wasn’t a good person. He had to go up and do some scenes in court… I don’t know how he did it, ’cause I wasn’t nice, and I was right in front of him.

“Thats the gangster in me that isn’t cool,” he went on, “but at least as Maurice, I admit my faults, and I don”t like it.” (Read the full story here.)

Needless to say, Duell quickly proved his mettle, and he and Benard went on to become the best of friends. Climb the branches of the Corinthos family tree in our photo gallery that explains who’s related to whom and how.