GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Roger Howarth as Austin Gatlin Holt. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
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It looks like everyone’s favorite Boy Scout is making his return to General Hospital — this time, of course, without Peter! Soap Opera Digest reports in their most recent issue that Patrick Gibbons is returning as Wyatt, the scout who first had a run-in with Peter four years ago while the villain was held captive by Obrecht. The actor, who got his start as the adorable Sam Manning back on One Life to Live has made a few appearances on General Hospital since then, but this time, things are a bit different!

“I love that they’ve updated the role a little bit,” he tells Digest, “to where he’s a little more grown. Last year was kind of my last year of Wyatt being a Boy Scout. This year, he’s a camp counselor that the kids look up to, which I thought was really cool.” That, he notes really hit home that he’s been popping into Port Charles for a good long while, “which is crazy because I feel like I just got out of the One Life to Live days!”

Wyatt on General Hospital

This time, Wyatt is returning without his nemesis!

Credit: Image: ABC

On the show, according to Digest, Gibbons is now the camp counselor of little Violet. And that let him act once again with one of his One Life to Live pals, Michael Easton, who played McBain before moving over to General Hospital and creating a whole new role in Finn. (With a half dozen or so other character stops along the way!)

“I got to sit down with Michael and catch up a bit,” he notes to Digest. “Then, when it comes to the scenes, it just flows between us because we’ve been working together since I was a little kid.”

As for his former TV dad, Roger Howarth — who played Todd before taking over as General Hospital‘s Franco, and now Austin, “was kind of like another dad to me when I was on One Life to Live. It’s just always fun with him. It’s just amazing working with both of them again.”

And just to get an idea of how much Gibbons has grown since he started playing Wyatt (let alone from his One Life to Live days), yes, it looks like he can drive now!

Welcome back, and here’s hoping we get to see Wyatt continue to grow up for many years to come!

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