chet and terry on a date gh
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Those who tuned in the Thursday, May 26, episode of General Hospital got a front row seat and watched as Amy succeeded in her plan to break up her brother Chet and her boss Terry’s romance before it even started. And in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, it has been confirmed that Chris Van Etten is leaving the ABC soap as Chet.

A setside source shared with the magazine that the character’s story was cut short due to Van Etten moving out of California with his family. Unfortunately, since we wanted to see this storyline play out, there has been no word on any plans to recast the character.

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Though we didn’t get to see Chet and Terry’s romance evolve, we did enjoy watching them get close and open up to each other about their pasts — and Chet was clearly feeling torn about the job offer when he finally revealed to his sister, who obviously already knew, that he and Terry had gone out a couple of times and he enjoyed her company, especially after he had given up on dating.

And we can only imagine how disappointed Terry will be to learn that Chet will be taking a job with an Army health program in Chicago. Amy better hope that this doesn’t backfire because Terry could make her job at the hospital a living hell if she finds out!

Van Etten may be the latest exit for the ABC soap but there have been many before him, which we’ve included in a comprehensive gallery filled with photos of General Hospital exits as of late.