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Folks watching General Hospital today, Wednesday, April 6, were treated to a surprise when Holly Gagnier popped back up on our screens as mob princess Jennifer Smith. Last seen at Luke’s funeral back in January, at the time, the late Frank Smith’s daughter dearest hinted at more revelations to come. Her mourning of her ex, Luke, was revealed to be little more than a pretense for Jennifer to find out whether Sonny had any plans to expand the business out west.

She was there working with a mysterious someone busy consolidating power out on the West Coast. And that someone, we theorized, would likely end up being the show’s next Big Bad and a major threat to the Corinthos mob family. We went through all the usual suspects as we tried to figure out just who exactly her partner might be, but Jennifer’s appearance today seems to have narrowed it down to one suspect in particular: Luke. Or rather, we should say Fluke!

Laura and Jennifer Smith luke's memorial

On today’s episode, Jennifer was just one of the many people at the black market auction for the Ice Princess, declaring that it was her ex-husband’s prized possession. Former hubby Billy Boggs who we met just once in the ’90s seemed to be nothing more than comic relief. That means that Jennifer’s only ex-husband who we know had anything to do with the Ice Princess was Luke — even though the marriage was never really valid and only lasted a hot second.

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Jennifer then claimed that the diamond belonged to “us” and called whoever she’s been talking to on the other end of her line “darling.” That certainly all sounds like Luke, the man who she’s been obsessed with for decades. But explaining the ins and outs of her ex-husband makes it seem more like she might be chatting with Luke’s evil alter, Fluke.

After all, Luke is more than capable of pulling a con or ten, but would he have really faked his death to the point of breaking the hearts of everyone who ever loved him so he could hook up with Jennifer to take over the West Coast before moving in on the Port Charles mob scene? Probably not. Fluke, though, wouldn’t bat an eye at the prospect. And while he wouldn’t quite be her Luke, we could imagine Jennifer falling just as hard for this dark personality in her ex’s body.

Anthony Geary general hospital fluke hannibal lecter mask

Either way, though, it seems like General Hospital just dropped a heck of a hint that we may be seeing Anthony Geary back on our screens soon!

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