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Those watching General Hospital today, Thursday, March 31, saw a familiar face inside of Charlie’s Pub. The man spying on Esme and also focusing on the photo of Alexis in the paper looked exactly like Neil Byrne’s brother Brendan.

Actor Josh Coxx first appeared in the role back in 2020 and is in fact once again playing the dead man’s sibling — and after he confronted Alexis it is clear that things are about to heat up in Port Charles.

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Viewers last saw Brendan at Neil’s memorial when Alexis approached him with her condolences. Brendan admitted that he knew of Alexis, as his brother had talked about her on numerous occasions. Over talk of being Neil’s first serious relationship in years, Brendan recalled his brother saying that he had met his match in her.

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Though they seemed to be on the same page, as far as to how much Alexis and Neil cared for one another, Brendan suddenly snapped and made it known he wished his brother had never met Alexis — and blamed her for Neil’s addiction and ultimate overdose. In the end, Brendan ordered Alexis to leave the memorial, to which she did in tears.

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Now that he’s back, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see where he stands in regards to Alexis these days. Does he still blame her for his brother’s death? Little does Brendan — or Alexis — know that Harmony was the one who injected Neil with the drugs that killed him.

Or… has he returned to Port Charles for a whole other reason? Stay tuned!

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