General Hospital viewers are going to see a new face in town and has received confirmation from the ABC soap that Michael Blake Kruse has been cast to play a Port Charles PD rookie cop named Rory Cabrera. This is the actor’s first daytime role but he may be familiar to fans from his various primetime appearances, including stints on Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and Everything is Fine.

Michael Blake Kruse cast cop rory gh

It’s no secret that the Port Charles Police Department could use a few more cops and now that Jordan’s back in charge well, it would be nice to see her and Dante have some help on cases, especially with Chase still out on leave.

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There are many residents at risk of getting in trouble with the law these days. Victor’s running around town trying to create issues for various people, and Marshall is surely hiding something from his son Curtis — and clearly cannot stand Sonny — so there’s a case this new rookie could get drawn into real quick.

Speaking of Sonny, he doesn’t always conduct business on the up and up and someone new to the force could either walk the straight line and enforce the law, no matter who’s on the end of the crime, or be another crooked cop in someone’s pocket. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

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Selina Wu is currently trying to find a front for her high stakes poker games and those will likely be anything but legal. Then there’s the investigation into Joss and Cam’s sex tape…

In Port Charles, there are any number of things this newcomer could find himself involved in, so be sure to keep an eye out for Kruse’s upcoming General Hospital debut.

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— Amy Mistretta