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We can’t even count how many times we’ve thought, “Oh, this is how General Hospital is writing off Peter August,” only to be proven wrong. But at last, it appears that the indestructible villain’s reign of terror really is over, what with having died with his mom-turned-aunt Anna by his side.

Portrayer Wes Ramsey, formerly best known for his work in the early 2000s as Sam on Guiding Light, began his run as Peter, arguably the soap’s most polarizing antagonist since Levi Dunkleman, back in the fall of 2017. At first, it appeared that the erstwhile Henrik was going to be torn between being the kind of stand-up guy that sister-in-law Maxie deserved and being the sort of baddie that you’d expect to carry the DNA of his nefarious folks, Cesar Faison and Alex Devane. But in the end, Peter went so far over to the dark side that there was no coming back. Before exiting stage right, he’d accumulated more enemies than you could fit in General Hospital’s morgue.

Which, it bears mentioning, is often where he tried to send them! Right, Franco? (Review Peter’s litany of sins in this eye-opening photo gallery.)

Of course, being longtime soap viewers — and having been fooled before where Peter’s supposed demise was concerned — we’re not entirely convinced the baddie really is gone. In fact, we could make a pretty good case for why he — and Ramsey — should make at least one more appearance. But for the moment, the show certainly wants us to believe that the character has met his maker.

Back in February 2021, Ramsey shared his excitement over his role and the feeling with which he was left after a particularly good “week at ‘the office.’” Wrote the actor: “There’s no greater sense of creative fulfillment than reaching the end of a truly epic week on set doing what you love. A big-shout out to all the General Hospital cast and crew. I’m inspired by and grateful for each and every one of you.

“Thank you,” he added, “for sharing in the adventure of this Port Charles journey.”


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