Jane Elliot Exits Tracy Quartermaine GH
Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

Well fans, we will once again be forced to say goodbye to fave Jane Elliot as she has wrapped up her latest stint at General Hospital as Tracy. In the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, Wally Kurth, who plays her onscreen son Ned, shared, “I think the Quartermaine mansion is different without her and I do everything I can to convince her to stay.” However, that won’t be enough since “she likes being semi-retired.” Kurth did reiterate just how much Elliot enjoys coming back to the ABC soap and how much she “loves the people that she works with.”

Elliot’s most recent return came on Monday, January 3, when Tracy showed up at Laura’s to report the devastating news that Luke had been killed in a cable car accident in Austria. Residents all over Port Charles were absolutely crushed and tried to comfort Tracy, who blamed herself. After Luke received a tip on a can’t-miss scam in Austria, she lashed out at him for choosing to return to his past ways instead of staying with her and said terrible things before he left.

Then there were a few dramatic moments as Luke’s family and friends gathered to say goodbye, including Victor crashing the event, Helena appearing via video to “have the last word” over Luke and who could forget the arrival of his ex-wife Jennifer Smith?!

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And more drama followed Tracy after she was arrested for setting up Alexis but Anna had the warrant voided, which in turn prevented Tracy from heading to jail.

We always enjoy when the daytime star returns and hope to see her again soon. For now, take a look through our photo gallery of various General Hospital exits over the years.

— Amy Mistretta