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School is hard enough for folks in the best of times, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to juggle it with a job. Throw that in in the middle of a pandemic, and it can probably seem nothing short of impossible at times.

General Hospital‘s Josslyn, of course, has been juggling school, a relationship with Cameron, a rivalry with Esme and all the rest of the Port Charles craziness with an enviable ease. But what her portrayer, Eden McCoy?

Back when she first made plans to go to the University of Southern California, the actress said she’d stay on the show as long as they’d let her. And so far, McCoy has been making college, volleyball and her role on General Hospital work — but that’s not necessarily a given the entire time she’s in school.

“School’s very important to me,” she shared with the folks of The Chat. “I’ve been on the show since elementary school. Of course it’s very hard. It’s hard on everyone. It’s different for everybody. You just kind of pick your battles.”

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Having to pick battles does not sound easy. But McCoy’s made it this far, she said, because she’s “been lucky enough to have the people around be willing to work with me on it and support me in following both. I owe as much credit to the environment I’m in as myself.

So after having tried her hand at both for awhile, has she decided whether she’ll continue romancing Cameron and sparring with Esme as Josslyn? After all, we can’t be losing her now that Joss has finally made peace with her mob boss step-father, Sonny!

“I just love both too much to not do them both,” the actress told The Chat. “So that’s where I’m at with it. They don’t need to worry about me leaving, I just signed another 3-year [contract].”

Okay, now that’s exciting news! And we have to say, kudos to McCoy for not only making the decision, but being able to follow up on it. Her work on General Hospital clearly hasn’t suffered while she’s been attending college, so we can not wait to see more!

She ended the news by musing that “I just got really lucky.”

And so, truth be told, have we!

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As she noted, McCoy has been on the show since elementary school when she was just 11 years old. That means Josslyn is one of the few characters we’ve gotten to watch grow up in real-time, (mostly) free from the ravages of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. So as we look ahead to a future we’re now assured, let’s take a moment to look back at a gallery of Josslyn’s drama-filled past.