Constance towers returns as helena gh
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Last December, General Hospital’s Constance Towers was spotted at the ABC studios to tape some scenes and we were happy to see her return once again to reprise her role as Helena Cassadine in the Friday, January 21, episode surrounding Luke’s memorial.

The Port Charles character was last seen back-from-the-dead in February 2020. Fans will recall that it wasn’t long after Valentin had learned he wasn’t a Cassadine, as test results proved he and Alexis didn’t share any DNA, when Helena appeared in a vision. While he looked at his Cassadine ring, Valentin demanded that Helena divulge how she pulled off such a heinous lie.

Helena admitted that Mikkos believed he was his son, therefore she passed Valentin off as a Cassadine. When Valentin realized that Helena had placed the codicil in the portrait as a way to test Nikolas, and that she used Charlotte as a means to have a connection to Luke’s genetic line, in a fury, he smashed a bottle against the wall and Helena vanished…

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Though the character’s latest reappearance was all about her past with Luke, considering that not too long ago Victor revealed that Valentin was his son, which in turn made him a Cassadine by blood, Helena could very well return again to address past details from that storyline. And given that Nikolas and Spencer aren’t on the best of terms, she could very well find a way to get intertwined into that inner-family mess too!

Victor greets his son GH

Whatever the case, Helena never reappears without a reason — and we’re here for whenever that reoccurs again in the future. Take a look back in time as we revisit some of her wickedest moments in Port Charles.

— Amy Mistretta