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Kids. They change so fast, it’s like they’re entirely different people on Tuesday than they were Monday. So it seemed during the November 24 episode of General Hospital, in which O’Neill Monahan was replaced as Rocco Falconeri by Brady Bauer.

Sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot of Dante and Lulu’s son, too, as Dad’s romance with Sam intensifies. Bauer Instagrammed that his debut was “the first of many episodes at General Hospital.

Luckily, the Port Charles newcomer is already feeling right at home. Calling himself “so grateful,” he exclaimed, “[I] love this job, these people…

“What an amazing opportunity!” he added.

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If Bauer looks familiar, that could be because you’ve seen him in The Au Pair Nightmare or Paramount+’s Interrogation. If you caught the movies I Am Jacob or Deadly Promises, though, you could’ve been watching Bauer or his twin brother, Beckett — they shared those roles.

Though it must be a bummer for Monahan to have left Port Charles, his career is on the upswing. This summer, he starred in the sci-fi flick Let Us In with no less than Saw baddie Tobin Bell (ex-Yo Ling, Days of Our Lives). You can watch the trailer below.

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Longtime General Hospital viewers need not be told what an important character Rocco is, given his ties to both the Corinthos and Spencer families. He was born on screen in 2013 — but not to Lulu and Dante, to Britt, who tried to pass him off as her son with Patrick Drake. It took a while, but eventually “Ben,” as The Britch named him, made his way back into the arms of his actual parents, who redubbed him Rocco.

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