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As the much-discussed parole hearing for General Hospital‘s Brad approaches, look for his portrayer, Parry Shen to return… and it’s going to cause trouble for several people on the canvas.

We began to suspect Brad might turn up again when first it was mentioned that he had a parole hearing coming up. Soon, Ms. Wu — who it turns out is the given-up-for-adoption son of her brother — went to Sonny in the hope that he might put in a good word for Brad, or at least not torpedo his chances of getting a fair hearing. Interestingly, while Sonny declared that no member of his family would take a stand against Brad, it quickly became clear that Michael didn’t necessarily feel the same way. In fact, Michael said that he would be speaking at the hearing, although he did seem to agree not to pull strings behind the scenes as he did where Nina’s case was concerned.

Asked about Brad’s future, headwriters Dan O’Conner and Chris Van Etten said the character’s “return to the canvas will have profound and surprising effects in many different quarters.”

Michael is worried about Brad on General Hospital

Above:How far would Michael go to keep Wiley out of Brad’s arms?

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Certainly we can think of several stories Brad will immediately impact. Heck, just talking about him is driving a wedge between Sonny and Michael. Is this yet another side effect of the mobster’s time in Nixon Falls, where he lost his memory but developed a softer side which followed him home like a lost puppy? At the same time, Michael’s darker side has emerged, especially when it comes to doing whatever it takes to protect his family in general and Wiley in particular.

“Brad could be seen as a threat,” concede the scribes. After all, Brad played an important role in Wiley’s life for months and could find himself wanting to reconnect with the child. Might he even attempt to stake a claim on the tot, perhaps arguing that in putting Wiley into his arms, she made her true intentions clear? Hard as that is to imagine, it is a possibility.

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Above: We’d totally eat a Brad/Britt reunion up with a spoon.

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Even more likely is Brad — who turned over a new leaf a few years back — reverting to his more dastardly self, perhaps even become the heir apparent to his aunt’s seat at the table around which the Five Families gather. After all, unless circumstances change, he’ll no longer have his medical career to fall back on.

But the person we’re most excited to see Brad reunite with is his best friend (and occasional partner-in-literal-crime), Britt. With everything she’s been going through in recent months, she could certainly use a friend to lean on. Might Brad even be able to use his family connections to help Britt rescue Obrecht?

As we wait to see exactly what Brad gets up to when he hits Port Charles, check out this gallery of other General Hospital characters we’d love to see return (including one or two who’ve already made our wishes into reality).