sydney mikayla trina GENERAL HOSPITAL - gallery - 6/5/19Sydney Mikayla plays Trina Robinson on ABC's "General Hospital." "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday 3-4pm, ET on ABC. GH19(Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk) SYDNEY MIKAYLA
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After receiving acceptance letters from 14 (!) of the colleges to which she applied, Sydney Mikayla announced in May that she had decided to attend UCLA. Now, the General Hospital ingenue has dropped down to recurring status as Trina so that she can devote more of her time to her studies.

“Right now I’m getting into the swing of things at school and navigating the balancing act,” the actress told Soap Opera Network. The show “has been super supportive of all the teens going to school, and I’m super happy about that. Team GH!”

In fact, William Lipton has been working off contract for some time as Cameron, the site reports.

trina cameron GENERAL HOSPITAL - "Episode 14812" - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Scott Kirkland)WILLIAM LIPTON, SYDNEY MIKAYLA

Despite Mikayla’s change in status with the soap, viewers shouldn’t worry that she’s got one foot out the door. She’ll continue to appear as Trina so that — knock wood — the heroine can navigate her complicated feelings for a newly disowned Spencer, for whom girlfriend Esme has been the worst kind of bad news.

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There also remains the looming question of Trina’s paternity. Mom Portia has insisted that Taggert is her babydaddy. But General Hospital being a soap and all, there is every likelihood that Trina’s actual father will turn out to be Curtis (who already has his suspicions).

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