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Credit: ABC screenshot

On the Monday, October 18, episode of General Hospital, a man was watching Portia and Curtis and we can confirm that Robert Gossett has been cast in the role.

mystery man watches portia and curtis gh

Fans may recognize Gossett from his other daytime appearances playing Officer Ed Jenkins on Santa Barbara before going on to appear as Theresa’s shady lawyer Woody Stumper on Passions. In recent years he has turned up on The Young and the Restless as an incident commander, as well as Dan Szymborski, and has had roles in numerous primetime hits.

Theresa and woody passions

Though there are no other details available at this time, viewers can expect Portia to cross paths with this man next week. This encounter will lead her and Curtis to share their suspicions about the man and his sudden appearance in Port Charles. And after Portia has had a little time to think things through, she will turn to Elizabeth to share her concerns about him.

portia tells jordan a secret gh

So, who is this mystery man and what does he want with Portia and Curtis? In yesterday’s episode, Curtis filled Portia in on his childhood and how his father never came home one day and had a massive heart attack. His mom became depressed and that’s when Stella swooped in to raise him and his brother Tommy. Could the man be Curtis’ father?

Or… If you recall when Portia and Jordan were trapped in the basement of the abandoned house, Portia told an unconscious Jordan that Trina didn’t know the truth about who her father really was and how she made a big mistake in waiting so long to tell her. Could he be connected to the secret surrounding Trina’s real father? Stay tuned!

As to how long Gossett’s character will remain on the ABC soap is still unknown, but in any case, there have been a lot of daytime actors who went on to appear in movies and primetime only to return to soaps throughout the years. Take a look at our photo gallery featuring some of those stars.

— Amy Mistretta