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It has been quite a while now since Sonny lost his memory and has been holed up in Nixon Falls as “Mike.” Well fans, we may be seeing the character back in Port Charles sooner than you think, given a recent post by his portrayer Maurice Benard.

The General Hospital actor took to Twitter to tease a photo, in character — dressed in one of Sonny’s expensive suits — and revealed, “Sonny soon!” Unlike him seated on a couch in the pic, Benard warned, “And he won’t be sitting down.”

Since his time in Nixon Falls, “Mike” has fallen for Nina, who has fallen for him too — even though she knows his true identity and exactly what the fallout could be once the truth comes out. Not to mention, he’s had several near misses with Port Charles residents like Jax and Maxie, who could have easily stumbled upon him at the Tan-O and now, things are beginning to unravel since Jax finally came face-to-face with ‘Mike’ in today’s episode.

Mike and Nina kiss GH

Then there’s Peter, who, while back-from-the-dead himself, has faced off with “Mike,” who believes that Peter could know his true identity. Oh, and to add to the drama… Sonny’s wife Carly is about to marry his best friend and right-hand man Jason back home.

"Mike" demands answers from Peter at Tan-O General Hospital

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So, yes, this would be a perfect time for him to return to the canvas and lay the smackdown on those who betrayed him!

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, when asked how he thinks Sonny would react if his memory came back and he learned Nina had kept him from his family, Benard replied, “Well, he ain’t gonna react well! You can lose your memory, but can you lose your heart? That’s the dilemma there, right? [I] think it’s going to be fantastic scenes.”

We’ll be there for it — and can’t wait!

While we anticipate what is likely to be an explosive return, take a look at our gallery filled with photos of the Corinthos family.

— Amy Mistretta