Credit: ABC screenshot

Given how often his name tumbled off the lips of Port Charles’ residents in recent days, it’s not particularly surprising that Cyrus Renault (and portrayer Jeff Kober) are back in action on General Hospital. And while the pony-tailed baddie is currently behind bars, that’s unlikely to stop him from stirring up a whole lot of trouble… especially for Carly and her husband-to-be, Jason!

Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not Cyrus will figure out a way to crash the nuptials. After all, when Soaps chatted with Kober at this year’s Daytime Emmy events, the actor smiled impishly while saying that Cyrus was likely to spend every waking hour of his time behind bars plotting “how to get out!”

While that seemed like a pretty tall order, Kober suggested that perhaps his smooth-talking alter ego could “find religion” and “come back as an itinerant preacher.”

Certainly, Cyrus has more than a little bit of unfinished business in town. Aside from wanting to see Carly and Jason punished for preventing him from joining the Five Families, he’s also got a laundry list of Port Charles locals against whom he’s no doubt holding a grudge. Perhaps not coincidentally, a whole lot of those folks are likely to be at the upcoming ceremony which is slated to join Sonny’s “widow” and her best friend in holy matrimony.

Cyrus might also want to catch up with Sasha, for whom he’d clearly developed feelings (even as he was feeding her drug addiction). “Cyrus is a funny character,” admitted Kober in the interview, which can be seen in its entirely below, “because he’s got a really big heart and he’s just an evil bastard.” Could he be the person whom spoilers indicate catches Sasha by surprise on Friday, September 3?

One thing we know for sure is that Jason will be on his guard. Already, he’s suspicious that Cryus won’t be content to simply sit in a cell and think about what he’s done. (So much for the whole rehabilitation process!) Will September 17th, the day Jason and Carly are supposed to wed, wind up being a red-letter day because the invitations wind up being blood-splattered?

Should Cyrus manage to get a foothold in Port Charles, that will certainly cause trouble for Sonny if and when he gets his memory back. But hey, Sonny’s faced a few challenges before… as we prove in this gallery listing just some of the things he’s had to overcome!