Rebecca budig returns as hayden captive gh
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Many fans have wondered if or when Rebecca Budig would return to General Hospital as Hayden, and we first got a hint that Hayden might have been held in the same location as Drew in the Tuesday, August 24, episode when he heard someone screaming and nurse Chloe confirmed there was a mystery woman being held in another cell.

However, in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actress addressed the one question that she’s been “getting bombarded with” as of late… Will she be returning to General Hospital? “Listen, I love [Executive Producer] Frank [Valentini], and Frank and I are friends, but I haven’t been asked back since I left the show [in 2019],” Budig told the magazine.

hayden is attacked on general hospital

We last saw Hayden in November 2019 when Nikolas saved her from being attacked on the docks. He convinced Hayden that Valentin was out to get her and the only way she could protect daughter Violet was to leave town — like he had done in the past to protect Spencer. It was later revealed that Nikolas had paid someone to scare her… and his plan worked! In the end, she dropped Violet off with the tot’s pop Finn and left Port Charles for parts unknown.

Nikolas offers Hayden help on General Hospital

So, why had Nikolas wanted Hayden gone? In essence, he feared she would help Valentin take over the Cassadine fortune, leaving Nik out in the cold. By driving Hayden out of town, Nikolas figured he could keep the interloper from gaining control of the empire.

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It’s safe to say that if Hayden were to return, Nikolas’ carefully constructed house of cards might come crashing down around his ears!

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— Amy Mistretta