Tristan Rogers as Scorpio on GH
Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television

Things are really heating up in Port Charles and it appears one of its super spies could be heading back to General Hospital. Tristan Rogers took to Twitter to alert his fans that he could very well be reprising his role as Robert Scorpio.

“I think it’s safe to say I’m back in the show,” he posted. “Let’s all be positive.”

Fans were quick to chime in with cheers of joy, having missed the character. Some even hoped that the ABC soap would return to the Holly storyline. Well, they aren’t alone — we want an ending to that too!

Toasting to Sean on GH

Rogers was last seen in May during the special episode to honor the late John Reilly, who passed away on January 9. Reilly played the role of WSB Agent Sean Donely on and off since 1984 and during the tribute, to which his real-life daughter had a guest role, many of Sean’s friends gathered in County Kerry, Ireland for his funeral, only to start disappearing one by one. In the end, it proved to be a test, set up by Robert, Anna, Robin, Mac, Felicia, Monica and Laura, for Sean’s daughter, who was then presented with her father’s WSB badge.

So, what will bring Robert back to Port Charles? If you were watching today’s episode, it was revealed that Peter is alive and is spying on Maxie in Nixon Falls. Considering Robert and Anna had been at odds over Peter’s redemption, and he was out to prove Peter was up to no good, he’ll surely have something to say to the back-from-the-dead bad boy. Oh, and yes, hopefully he’ll solve the Holly mystery too!

While we wait, take a look through our gallery filled with photos of Robert throughout the years.

— Amy Mistretta