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General Hospital has recast the role of Spencer Cassadine with newcomer Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who first appeared, in disguise, as Nic and Ava’s stalker, on Thursday, June 1. The SORASed role was previously played by Nicolas Bechtel since 2013.

Someone has been making Ava and Nikolas’ lives a living hell as of late, to the point where, in order for Ava to protect her daughter Avery, she left Nikolas and asked for a divorce. If you watched yesterday’s episode, their stalker struck again, but this time was caught by Nic’s secret cameras in Ava’s gallery — as well as Trina. And yes, their stalker has been Nic’s son Spencer all along!

Ava and Nik's stalker on GH

Spencer was enrolled in a boarding school in France and Laura has since revealed that he had graduated. It’s no secret that Spencer hasn’t been a fan of Nicolas being with Ava. Last October, Britt revealed to Kevin that Spencer had asked her to save his father from himself — and his wife.

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One of the last times we saw the young prince in Port Charles was in 2019 when Nina found him in her office, ranting and raving about having been exiled from Spoon Island by Valentin. In fact, the sassy teen warned Nina to put a leash on his uncle! However, his visit wasn’t all for nothing… Spencer ended up making Nina question Valentin’s connection to Sasha — the woman who once posed as her daughter.

Spencer tells Nina to get Valentin to back off General Hospital can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Spencer has in store for those who he believes have wronged him.

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— Amy Mistretta