Cyrus talks to Julian at Charlie's General Hospital
Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

It’s been a little over a year when Cyrus Renault first showed up in Port Charles. However, we can confirm that the villain’s reign of terror has finally come to an end and Jeff Kober, who was nominated for a 2021 Daytime Emmy, is leaving General Hospital — for now.

Cyrus is shot and has a gun GH

In the June 4 episode, during a hostage situation where Cyrus was holding his sister Laura, with Portia’s house surrounded, he took aim and shot Curtis and in turn Cyrus was shot by Jordan. Though he survived, by the end of the June 10 episode, Carly informed the mad man that he would be sent to a maximum security prison, which will happen on June 16.

Cyrus threatens Britt GH

Not only will the streets of Port Charles be safer, many will be able to let their guard down, including Sasha, who can now have her baby with Brando in peace, and Britt, who no longer has to worry about Cyrus running the hospital into the ground — not to mention, lives will no longer be at risk from the drugs he was having dealt out onto the streets. And how about Carly? In Sonny’s absence, she recently faced off with Cyrus for her place in the mob, which was classic, and therefore made our big best and worst list.

Carly meets with Cyrus GH

We invite our readers to look back at that moment when Carly got one up on Cyrus by taking charge at the meeting of the five families in our best and worst gallery of 2021… so far, as well as other memorable moments from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

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— Amy Mistretta