roger howarth returns after franco's death gh
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Fans have been beside themselves since the fatal murder of Port Charles’ Franco Baldwin. Though the character will not return from the dead, as so may have before him, Roger Howarth will be returning to General Hospital at the end of May, as reported in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest — and the much-anticipated return will be “extremely memorable!”

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As fans recall, Howarth assured his followers he would not be leaving the ABC soap opera but in fact would be returning as another character. While a lid has been kept on the details, the actor voiced not only his excitement but faith and trust in how the powers that be would handle his comeback.

Franco dead GH

Since Franco’s fateful March 9 death, with a bullet to the chest at the hands of Peter August, Jason has been sitting in lockup faced with a murder charge while Franco’s killer runs free. Carly has vowed to help her BFF Jason, while Anna, Valentin and others continue on their quest to take down Peter for good.

Liz has been devastated, as have all of those who loved Franco. Cameron’s been on edge ever since his stepfather’s death, and Scottie wants the person responsible for killing his son to pay.

So, the question remains… if Franco isn’t coming back, how will everyone react when they see the face of a dead man — and who will he turn out to be? Someone we’ve met before or someone totally new?

Many have thrown around ideas as to which character Howarth will play, and we know he can return as any number of characters that the show wants — except for one. Join us as we talk about the who and the why.

So, keep your eyes open in the coming month as we wait with bated breath for a soap opera icon to make his return. Until then, take a look through our gallery showcasing photos of Roger Howarth’s epic run on General Hospital.

— Amy Mistretta