Nancy lee Grahn black jacket
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fans of General Hospital‘s Alexis got a real treat via the April 8 episode, in which the much-loved character at long last addressed her deep-seated issues before heading off to Pentonville to begin her three-year stint behind bars.

The episode was entirely Alexis-centric, ending with the character beginning her new life… which left some fans fearing that both she and portrayer Nancy Lee Grahn were being written out. After all, the outing did seem to neatly wrap up some of the character’s longest-running stories, especially where Alexis’ history of choosing wildly-inappropriate romantic partners was concerned.

Fortunately, this was one cliffhanger which was quickly resolved as Grahn — who was live-tweeting the episode with fans — set the record straight. “I’m not going anywhere,” she assured concerned viewers — more than once — even going so far as to joke that “they’ll have to drag me out kicking and screaming.”

Grahn  then went on to share some backstage details about the episode, which was designed to celebrate her 25 years on the show (although her actual anniversary isn’t until September). Among the tidbits? That when it came to picking scenes for the montage highlighting Alexis’ many storylines, she was able to provide some input; that she was loving the storyline… and that she wasn’t necessarily looking forward to her prison wear, as “beige is not my color.”

As it turns out, not only is Alexis not going to spend her sentence sitting on the back burner, but she’ll be, as Grahn teased, meeting a few new folks while at Pentonville. This, we presume, is in addition to Sydney Walsh, who popped up the next day as Alexis’ cellmate Maggie.

Since we’re all here breathing a sign of relief, why not join the celebration of Grahn’s anniversary by checking out this special photo gallery chronicling some of her many adventures as the one-and-only Alexis!