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Some would say that Peter August had one hell of a run in Port Charles — and many are surprised, due to his shady antics, that he even lasted as long as he did. And now, after almost four years with the ABC soap, Wes Ramsey has left General Hospital, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

Back in March, we posted a photo gallery of those we suspected would kill Peter, and viewers watched in the June 3 episode when it was revealed that Finn, who had followed him up to the hospital roof, pushed him down the stairs during a struggle.

So, where did it all begin? Peter first turned up in Port Charles having been hired by Drew and Sam as Aurora Media’s new COO. Here’s where the ball of yarn began to unravel… With news that Jason and Drew had been kidnapped five years prior by Cesar Faison — and had their memories tampered with — Peter asked Lulu to write a story about the craziness in order to lure Faison out.

peter shot by faison gh

After Nathan had learned Faison was his father, he agreed to help Lulu so that he, Maxie and their unborn child wouldn’t have to worry about when the madman would show up and strike again. When Faison finally appeared, wreaking havoc as he tends to, he found Peter with Maxie, and in an attempt to protect her, Peter was shot by Faison. Nathan appeared, and Faison shot and killed him, never realizing that he was his son.

faison shot by jason gh

Speaking of sons… Anna learned that Faison had another son, Peter (aka Henrik), who later went to the hospital and confronted his horrible father, who’d been shot by Jason. As much as Faison felt betrayed by Peter since he hadn’t offed Jason, Henrik hated his father for the way that he’d treated him and prevented him from alerting a nurse when he couldn’t breathe, which (as will happen) led to his death.

Obrecht kidnapped peter gh

After the dust settled surrounding the Jason/Drew debacle — and Peter survived being kidnapped, tortured and held hostage in a cabin by Obrecht (Misery-style!), his life changed for the better because of Maxie and Anna, who everyone believed was Peter’s mother — until she realized that her evil sister Alex was really his mom. But that’s a whole other story!

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But back to falling for Maxie… After Maxie went into labor, Peter had no choice but to deliver her and Nathan’s baby — his own nephew. Friendship turned into romance, and, of course, so much more drama ensued surrounding Peter — simply too much to relive. In the end, no matter who objected, Maxie stood by Peter, became pregnant with his child and planned to marry him.

That is, until all of his crimes were revealed to Maxie on their wedding day — way too many for her to ignore, including the fact that her groom had willingly kidnapped Drew, worked with Helena to double-cross Faison and was responsible for bringing down Drew’s plane.

Peter is kidnapped to studio General Hospital

Franco had been hearing Drew’s voice in his mind, and after realizing Peter’s involvement in the mess, he knocked him over the head and threatened to kill him in order to get a confession — but Peter killed Franco with a gunshot to the chest, then fled the crime scene unseen. Though Maxie warned Peter away from her and their baby, he refused to ever leave them behind, which set off a fury of events — including Maxie giving her baby to Brook Lynn in order to protect the newborn girl from her father.

Peter falls down steps GH

In the end, Peter was seen falling down a flight of stairs and, weeks later, we finally know that Finn was responsible for giving Peter that fatal push to meet his maker.

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— Amy Mistretta