gh julian william deVry confirms exit
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

After weeks of rumors flying and speculation, William deVry has finally confirmed that he is in fact leaving General Hospital as Julian Jerome, a role he’s played since 2013. The actor took to Twitter today and revealed, “Serious note on @GeneralHospital I hope u all join us on #GH as I wrap up my last week of shows. Maybe the end of next week? Been a pleasure entertaining u. I love our fans. Much luv 2 all going forward. I’ll keep u posted on career, but 4 now, time off for a few months xo GH OUT.”

It all started back in October when rumors of his exit had fans in an uproar. Weeks followed with no official word from the actor but a few cryptic posts along the way had us thinking about all of the missed storyline opportunities if Julian were to be written off the canvas.

Though he expressed to Cyrus that he didn’t want to risk the lives of innocent people inside The Floating Rib, Julian tucked the bag containing the bomb underneath a booth and walked out. Moments later, The Floating Rib exploded and as a result, Dev and Dustin died and Lulu suffered a brain injury that landed her in a coma. Ava feared what Sonny would do to her and her family, due to her brother’s actions, and planned to take him out herself. Before she could shoot Julian, he jumped into the ocean.

drVry joked on social media with a fun tease about Julian’s whereabouts. Whether Julian is never found or someone — Sonny — gets to him first, while we sit back and watch it all unfold scan through our photo gallery of Julian’s to-die-for life.

– Amy Mistretta