max gail general hospital
Credit: ABC

The Corinthos family is in turmoil at the moment on General Hospital, with Sonny on the hunt to take down Cyrus — and Julian, due to Dev’s death — as well as Carly trying to be there for Josslyn, Dante dealing with the loss of Lulu, and Michael dealing with the fact that Sasha didn’t want to leave him at all. A visit from Sonny’s father Mike Corbin could be just what someone in the family needs to decide where to go from here. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Max Gail has been spotted at the ABC Studios and will make a ghostly appearance on January 11, 2021.

On Thursday, September 17, Mike passed away and was led into the great beyond by his deceased daughter Courtney. After his memorial service, Mike appeared to Sonny to make peace with their relationship and urged his son to forgive himself for his past wrongdoings. His last words to Sonny were that he would always be there for him, so it’s likely Mike will once again reach out to his son — maybe even stop him from doing something he can never take back, like killing Cyrus or Julian? If Julian is where actor William deVry teased, Sonny better get packing and set out for the long haul.

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– Amy Mistretta