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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Mark Lawson’s time on General Hospital has come to an end. In today’s episode of the ABC soap opera, viewers watched as his character Dustin Phillips died as a result of the explosion at The Floating Rib. His final act? Making romantic rival Dante promise that he will be there for Lulu. Before the show aired, Lawson took to Instagram to post the weekly promo video with the caption, “I hope you watch. Today’s episode is special to me.” Though it was a special episode for the actor, for fans who loved seeing him back in daytime, it was a sad, sad moment. Needless to say, another character met their fate as well when Dev died in the ambulance.

It looks as though the actor has been anticipating some of his final moments playing the Port Charles character. Last Friday, November 20 he posted a photo from outside the General Hospital studios to alert fans, “Think I’m on today and Monday! Let us know what you think!” Sure enough, he appeared both days, with Dustin getting down on one knee and proposing to Lulu on Friday, only to die in the next episode without ever knowing her answer.

It’s worth noting that her accepting the proposal wasn’t exactly a given, seeing how only moments before Lulu had admitted to mom Laura that Dante’s return had stirred up old feelings. In fact, it seemed that before being interrupted by her beau’s romantic gesture, Lulu had been about to suggest that slow things down in general and shelve their plans for him to move in with her and Rocco in particular!

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So many fans were happy when Lawson joined General Hospital in 2019, considering he was a big favorite on the now-defunct sister soap One Life to Live as Brody. We’ve enjoyed watching him as well and hope one day to see him again on another soap. (Here, you can read his thoughts on his “bittersweet” exit as well as his farewell message to his castmates — and us.)

While many fans will be screaming, due to Dustin’s demise, they might be hollering even louder when they review this comprehensive guide to all of the show’s recent — and imminent — exits.

– Amy Mistretta