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Credit: ABC screenshot

Looks like the Morgans of General Hospital are about to have a little family reunion. On November 18, Porter Fasullo Instagrammed a photo of himself outside the ABC soap’s studio and hashtagged it “good to be back.”

The young actor assumed the role of Jason and Sam’s son, Danny, from T.K. Weaver in 2019. Before that, the part had been played by a series of twins.

Longtime viewers will recall that drama has always surrounded the character. In fact, even before Danny was born, he was at the center of a huge conflict, as his parents were led to believe that Sam wasn’t carrying Jason’s child but Franco’s (back when he was James Franco and had the homicidal tumor that made him play sick mind games with expectant mothers).

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In 2017, Danny, who was among the first to be drawn to Drew as if he were Jason, learned that he’d been mistaken: Jason is Jason, and Drew was actually the boy’s uncle. Being a Port Charles kid, accustomed to sudden twists of plot, he took the news in relative stride.

Recurring cast member Fasullo’s comeback episode will air, per General Hospital spoilers, on Friday, November 20, when Danny reconnects with his dad. No doubt, it was a great day on the set for the whippersnapper, who calls his on-screen pop Steve Burton “Mr. Steve” and has said, “I look up to you so much.”

Heck, Fasullo sounds like he’s as big a fan of Burton’s as any of us. “You are funny and make everyone around you laugh,” Instagrammed Danny’s portrayer, “but also inspire them to do their best. I’m honored to be working with you!”

After Jason and Danny’s reunion, it appears that the show will refocus on other family dramas: For starters, the tenuous-at-best bond between Sam and her father, Julian. On Monday, November 23, she leaves him hanging — a move that, if his fate is as grim as we all suspect, could come to haunt her.

While you’re here awaiting Danny’s reappearance, ponder why his parents have yet to remarry and/or check out a photo-filled timeline of their epic romance. Bulletproof vests not included.

– Charlie Mason